Need help dealing with a Wage Arrestment?

How Wage Arrestment Expert works

Wage Arrestment Expert's free services are designed to help you resolve issues with Scottish Council Tax debt where a wage or earnings arrestment has either been threatened or put in place as a way to recover the outstanding amount owed.

Follow our simple 3 step process below to see if you can use the protection of Scottish Law to stop or remove a Earnings Arrestment.



Request help from Wage Arrestment Expert by clicking apply for help and completing the short application form or by calling 0141 255 2104.



Our team of experts will review your application to consider and present the options available to you to stop or remove your earnings arrestment.



Once you have decided to move ahead with a solution to protect you from further Sheriff enforcement action, our team will work with you to put you back in control.

Why Wage Arrestment Expert

We provide free expert help and advice to those who are facing wage arrestment or sheriff action in Scotland. If you have been contacted or visited by a sheriff officer from Scott & Co, Stirling Park, Walker Love or Alex M Adamson etc. for unpaid Council Tax arrears, Business Rates, Benefit Overpayment or any other type of private or consumer debt, contact us today to speak to one of our specialist Scottish debt experts.

Sheriff companies work with both public sector and private sector organisations in Scotland, providing debt collection recovery services. Our expert advisors can review your individual situation and advise on what protection is available in Scottish Law to protect you from further diligence and in many cases stop and remove your earnings arrestment order in days.

“Wage arrestment expert were able to help me put my debt worries to bed and start living my life again”
Damien Gregg


Are you falling behind or having difficulty with repaying council tax debt in Scotland? Council tax debt can create a difficult financial situation for you and your family. If you have missed payments, the amount owed can increase very quickly. The collection strategy used to recover the money can be jarring, to say the least.

Earnings arrestments which are more commonly known as Wage or Wages Arrestments are often used to recover outstanding council tax and other debts. As its a wide and complex subject we have put together the following frequently asked questions on Wage Arrestment in a bid to provide some clarity and dispel many myths.

What is a wage arrestment?

When can a wage arrestment be used?

How much of my wages can be taken?

Who can receive a wage arrestment?

How will my employer react to a wage arrestment?