How will my employer react to a wage arrestment?

The additional administration will unlikely be seen favourably by any employer. However, it is a legal requirement for them to deduct the required amount ordered by the courts from your wages. Your employer also has the right to subtract a further £1 administration cost each time money is taken from your salary.

Earning Arrestment order at work

Wage arrestment can be difficult to deal with in the workplace and can put you in an uncomfortable financial situation. It is also important to check the terms of your employment contract as there may be a clause stating that wage arrestment will lead to disciplinary proceedings taking place. This is more likely to be the case when working for a financial institution.

In the event of the above circumstance, you can apply to the court for a Suspended Attachment of Earnings Order. If you are able to provide strong evidence of why the wage arrestment should be suspended, you may be able to prevent it. One specific example could be disciplinary proceedings and/or dismissal at work.